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"Do You Like What You See?"

by Mack Landry

I was appreciating the adjustments I made to my neighbor and her daughter
A Free Preview to BASICS: Neural Control Node
# Erotica
# Adventure
# Harem
# Erotic Romance
# Artificial Intelligence

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A preview peak of the book BASICS: Neural Control Node: “Assistant Rhiannon alias Rhi,” I said.
 “Alias accepted,” Rhi smiled, then settled on my sofa, “What could I help you with, Josh?”
 “I’d like to adjust both your appearances,” I said, my voice more confident than my emotions, and I wondered if I needed to be specific with names.
 “Would you like us to be naked for the process?” Gina asked.
 “Yes, please,” I shrugged, feeling like stretching the limits of usual propriety. 
 “So polite,” Rhi smiled, standing and stripping without complaints.
The pair were both naked in a few moments, and I had them stand together.